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Are you getting the correct level of support from your IT provider?

Do you get slow response time to issues?

Does your IT provider offer you the best solution for your IT needs?

Your business is dependent on having an IT system. A good IT system will ensure that you can access your emails, protect your system from viruses and ransomware and keep it all backed up so that in the event of an emergency you can retrieve all the data.

Without a good IT infrastructure your business is at risk.

Can you afford your email to stop working?  What would be the consequence of losing valuable information due to a cyber attack? Can you access your information from any location using any device? It could mean the loss of revenue and the reputation of your business.

How can myITdepartment help?

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  At myITdepartment we are focused on putting the right IT solution in place for your business. Our approach to IT is to look at the whole system rather the individual units. The system is designed with your business in mind. Customer Focused We look after our customers. Our dedicated support staff are on hand to deal with your queries. Most problems can be dealt with remotely by phone or by accessing your system. We don’t want you waiting around for an engineer to get to you. Think of us as your own IT department. Prevention rather than cure. If you have the right systems in place and keep them monitored then you are less likely to have an emergency. We will look at your business and find the right solution for you. We put the correct systems in place so that your business is running smoothly. We make sure that your email, backup, antivirus and hardware are the right fit for your needs. We want you to focus on your business and we will deal with the IT so that you don’t have to worry. No more wasted time dealing with issues that are not core to your business, but are essential to your business.  

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